What SciFi are You Reading?


I stumbled upon a series by Michael Flynn - Firestar Saga.

Book 1 -Firestar,
I’m really loving it.
Just good old hard scifi.
It’s a little dated, it was written in 1996, so there are a few social/cultural things
that are a little behind, but the story and the ideas are great.
I haven’t finished it yet, so far - wondeful.


We shouldn’t necro the Book Club thread anymore? :slight_smile:

In between novels. Catching up on short story anthologies. Only one of Kelly Link’s award winning short stories is included - DOH - so will be moving on to her other books. Evil marketing. Remaining Hugh “Wool” Howey shorts I haven’t read yet queued up after that.

Kelly Link - Get in Trouble (2015)
Matt Bell - How They Were Found (2010) (via Audible audiobook, paperback is out of print)


You’re right, we should probably stick with the Book Club thread. :slight_smile: