west wing arc

I usually keep my, love for the west wing to myself. As it is in no way sci/fi and in most ways completely awesome… all ways really. But a GWC arc would be great.

LOVE that show!! Started doing a rewatch recently too

If you ever want a scifi twist for it…pick up Star Trek - Articles of Federation. It’s basically Treks answer to West Wing. Very well written.

I also love The West Wing. It’s going quite cheap on DVD at the moment. Worth every penny. I re-watch it fairly regularly. It’s such an easy show to watch. You can easily sit down to watch one episode and still be watching many hours later.

Just finished my rewatch of the series, and I got to say, I always loved the show but it had been a while since i had seen it and its even better that I remembered .

and from now on I may stop praying to god ; and start praying to claudia jean Craig instead.

The West Wing is one of my favorites. And I would gladly pray to CJ Craig. :smiley:

I love The West Wing, and I have noticed it is very popular with Science Fiction fans. Not sure why exactly, I guess its just good smart entertainment.

Anyone know if the Trio have watched West Wing? If not, Audra, at least, really needs to!

i have, to me at least, always thought of bsg (2003) as the west wing in space.
perhaps the crue could discuss it in that context?

I loved West Wing! And I really am not into politics at all. It was such a smart show. The dialogue was so fast sometimes I felt like I missed things. I love shows that really challenge me and make me think, which is what this one did. I have not seen it since it originally aired. It would be fun to rewatch.

Sci-Fi nuts are into intelligent shows no matter what genre. West Wing is one of the smartest, funniest, and bravest shows ever. As much as I love CJ, I pray to Toby Ziggler.

Toby Ziegler is also very worth praying too. Except towards the end. :frowning:

I pretend that he exited when his babies entered. “They come with hats…?!”

He did what he felt was right even knowing what it would cost him. To knowingly throw away a comfy life on principle is most worthy of praise.

Is Toby Batman, your description sounded like the dark knight. (sorry I’m very sleepy)

But you are right it was true to his character, and he stood on principle so I never faulted him for it. He sacrificed himself to save lives.

But we should seriously look into this batman thing.

Yes, Toby Ziggler is a short bald Jewish Batman. Well, they do share a lot of the same qualities. Both are not what you call People-persons. They fight evil under the cloak of mystery. They both show reluctance to take credit for their failures.

Yes but he also betrayed those who could be considered his family. Don’t get me wrong I still love Toby and he remains one of my favorite characters but…I did not like how things ended for him, despite the pardon.

The West Wing is my favorite show ever! I would love for GWC to do an arc on the show! I don’t think something has to be sci-fi for geeks to enjoy it! It’s a show with a good story, great writing, engaging characters, incredible performances and fantastic production values. Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t those the same reasons we originally got into Battlestar Galactica. I’ve always enjoyed everything that
I’ll definately have to look up Star Trek - Articles of Federation (thanks for the suggestion David!).
With all due respect to the awesome CJ Craig and Toby Ziegler (I also wasn’t very pleased with what happened to his character in Season 7) I pray to President Josaiah Bartlet!

Don’t get me wrong, I admire President Bartlett, but he wasn’t a one of the Great Presidents. He was mediocre on his best day. His administration’s greatest achievement was a technical fix to Medicare, but he could claim victory for it. Against him were his actions against Quitar, his fudging of the truth about his MS, and his handling of the Toby mess. I like Bartlett the man. Bartlett the President was okay in the sense that the nation still stood as Santos took office (Now I would LOVE to see that administration!)

But as the show made the point from episode 1, the President is only as good as his advisors. Bartlett’s strength was his ability to pick EXCELLENT advisors, just not Vice Presidents.