Seriously, between the Audra-Sean Muppets lovefest in Nostalgia-cast #3 (GWC #270) and the response on the forum, I think a Muppet arc would be wildly popular. Perhaps timed around the upcoming Muppets movie that Jason Segel is writing (released I think in November 2011).

We could cover:
[li]Highlights of The Muppet Show, chosen by the Crew[/li][li]Best of the Jim Henson-era Muppets movies[/li][li]Best of the post-Jim Muppets Movies[/li][li]Non-Muppets Henson projects that make us glad to be alive[/li][li]Muppets on the intarwebz [/li][/ul]


true dat … double true!


Muppets In Space… keep it sci-fi, you know?


Oh heck yea - I love the Muppets! You could do a whole show on Waldorf and Statler!


I would enjoy this, and I would also like to see some love shown for the Jim Henson Company which has produced some amazing stuff over the years. If you need your memories refreshed as to what they have been up to all this time look here…


Watch the video on the creature shop page to see some of their work, great stuff!


Also that movie is flat-out genius. Some parts are so quotable I use them almost daily. For examples:



This is true. I was lucky enough to go to a Jim Henson exhibit at the Smithsonian a few years ago. I learned all kinds of cool stuff, like the fact that Jim Henson designed an LSD rave club that he really wanted to open but couldn’t find investors to make it happen. Also, Fraggle Rock was the first U.S. children’s program aired in the Soviet Union. The exhibit had the original Gelflings Muppets and some absolutely amazing video footage of Henson and Oz working together. Loved it!


Yes yes a thousand times yes. There are the movies, muppet babies the.Christmas special, where.the Swedish chef tries to cook big bird, Sam the all american mother frak’in eagle.

Ps Anyone with Any appreciation of muppets, follow this link download episode 14 titled what the hey you will have a good time.



The trailer for the next movie is out
(it’s pretending to be a 50’s era movie until…)



A really solid case can be made for this leading up to the movie. Hmm…


that trailer is sweet!


Please? Pretty please? Name one person who wouldn’t love this arc. DO IT!!!


I can only think of one; but he hasn’t posted in something like… what? 9 months? And nobody liked him anyways he was just a Troll!:smiley:


Just saw “THE MUPPETS”… Loved It!!! A Muppets and/or Jim Henson podcast(s) would be awesome!!!


Muppets includes Skeksis, Gelflings, and Mystics, right?