Video Links from GWC 2011 meetup

I’d like to start a thread where we post links to the videos that where shot during this year’s meet-up! Here’s mine:

Audra’s Museum Trip, Part 1

Audra’s Museum Trip, Part 2

Audra’s Museum Trip, Part 3

Audra’s Museum Trip, Part 4

GWC Hotel Get-together

A Taste of the Irish Rover

Blue Mesa After Eating


Squeaker 2

Great videos! Thank you for posting them. I took one during the podcast and it didn’t come out good at all. Lighting in that room, especially from the back, was not good for video…or maybe it was my camera.

OK, the Squeaker vids are just precious.

I dislike asking the random question here, but what did you use to record?

Great videos btw.

Flip HD Camera, plus iMovie!

Thanks for posting these. It makes me wish I was there even more than before. Next year!

These videos along with Gryper’s flicker pics really helped to take the sting out of missing yet another meetup. Thanx you two! :slight_smile:

Nice vids! But I think the video you marked as being at the Rover was actually taken at Trinity.

oh, poor Hailey… lol!

Yeah, I realized after the fact. Oops!

You’re welcome! There are a lot more picture in the Flickr pool now. Check 'em out!