V *SURPRISE* Frak Party

November 1st, 2009
12:30 PM - 7 PM EST

“It must be three miles across.”

What are you? A graduate of the school of spaceship size approximation?

I love how they’ve already tried shooting missiles at them. Yeah, that’s smart.

Gotta love the floor model tv

They’re very prompt, at least. Obviously, not keeping people waiting must mean they’re friendly, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the Visitor font. I used to make that symbol all over my room with stickers I “borrowed” from my father’s desk.

I can’t remember if we still had ours when we watched this the first time around.

“He doesn’t even look like Mr. Spock.” :smiley:

He doesn’t even look like Mr. Spock! giggle

They come in peace.

They always do… at first. :eek:

Some of us have been monitoring your earth for a while! :eek: STALKERS!!

I love the old man, looking less than thrilled with this turn of events.

All this has happened before. All this will happen again.

The special effects are certainly a bit dated, but I think it still holds up pretty well.

Seems ridiculous to have all these people watching tv being so optimistic about the visitors. I’d be scared shitless. But I guess that doesn’t make for mediocre tv. :frowning:

They’re totally watchable. Haven’t cringed yet. :slight_smile:

You have seen this before, I trust?

Closeup on V lady was creeeeepy!

Love the band playing the Star Wars theme!

Diana’s totally watching them through the TV. :eek:

I love how they’re playing the theme from Star Wars to greet “friendly” aliens. Subtle.

Yep, bit only once. I only remember bits & pieces.

Lined up like troops. Again, subtle.

Oh, I had such a crush on blondie there. :stuck_out_tongue:

“First we had to fight you honkeys for these jobs, then it was the Mexicans…”

Geez! How is that acceptable on network tv?