V 2x10 Mother's Day

Tuesday, 15 March 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

I have a bad feeling about this. :smiley:

Don’t be silly. What could happen? :rolleyes:

Diana could be worse than Anna?

OMG Anna in a red dress…

Interesting answer from Jack…

That’s cold. Not even Anna killed her mother and she’s a lizard!

Seriously? You expect this girl to kill her own mother? So what does she need the rest of you people for?

Huh. I have no clue what to expect. And, I only remember two scenes from last week’s preview.

The whole world? Ugh.

Nice card Anna is playing.

Lisa is so dead.

Well, that worked out well. :rolleyes:

Chad. You were on air!!!

Whoa. Diana’s staging a coup while the other Queens are off the ship! :eek:

It fits… Now, how malevolent will she be?

Uh. moot point apparently. :eek:

Aliens flash back.

“Now that’s how you kill your mother.” :smiley:

QOTD!!! :cool:

Well, at least she was queen again…for about 2 minutes…