V 2x03 Laid Bare

Tuesday, 18 January 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

So males don’t have fangs and tails?

Torturing Tory. I approve.

“We’ve got visitors!”

HA! You made a pun! :smiley:

Wow. I really want to like this show, but they’re making it so difficult. :frowning:

They’re making desouling machine? :eek:

Oh noes! She’s going using “our” internet against Jack! :eek:

“Skin her.”

Good. Tory got off too easy the last time she died. :stuck_out_tongue:

The kilosun sucks no more. Again.

“Don’t do it! Don’t!”

Do you really expect the prospect of being shot is going to stop someone willing to burn himself alive?

Way to go, Anna. You’re gonna end up in a cocoon in the bowels of the ship too.

The science of finding the soul is sketchy, IMO. Remove every element that you know about, and whatever remains must be the soul? What if the soul is composed of some combination of those elements? Or it’s an immeasurable type of energy? Or — most shocking of all — it doesn’t exist? :eek:

“Maybe they didn’t see anything.”
“I can still see it!” :eek:

Love that show. Hilarious. :smiley:

OK, but why would Anna bother with all this misdirection and intrigue? Why not just kill him before he was well-known?

“You’re like a son to me.”

Nice creepy moment, and then you ruin by letting Tyler flash his pearly whites.

Boy can’t act to save his life, but gods damn is he pretty. :stuck_out_tongue:

Curse your sudden but inevitable treachery! :eek:

yeah, same here…

Do the new episodes show any improvement? I’ve kind of given up on the show some time in the last season because I couldn’t go through with watching any more of it, but if it’s better now, I could check it out. Or…is Juliet from Lost 's son still around? He (and the guy who’s a V with the pregnant human wife) annoyed me to no end before, so if they’re both dead, I totally would check out the show again.

after this one i think im done with the show…

good god a soul sucking machine its the most ridiculous thing. so there smart enough to create massive space ships that travel through deep interplanetary space; but suddenly a concept like the will to survive; confounds them. When they spend a bunch of time talking about doing whatever it takes to keep her people alive… :frowning:

I haven’t seen this episode. I’d say season two have improved from season 1. But they really need to figure out a good reason for the Vs to be here on earth, they don’t need to tell us, but the writers and the actors should know. They an’t just string us along like Lost. That isn’t going to work for this show.

i actually liked this episode more than the first two of the season. Because they are starting to explain why the V has to be here on earth.

I am not a fan of torturing. Even if they were just torturing Tori, it was still very tough to watch, and I feel like they would have done without it. The show was trying to draw a parallel, between Kara, I mean Lisa, being ordered to extract the soul of a test subject, and the 5th Column torturing Tori. But I don’t think it really came across.

Good thing is threat feels more real this episode. The pace feels just right. Hope they keep this up the next episode.