V 1x09 Heretic's Fork

Tuesday, 27 April 2010
10 PM Eastern/Pacific

He makes a good point.

That’s why they had to resort to biological warfare in the original miniseries.

Which point?

Ooh. She reacted.

Anna actually looked surprised. There’s a first.

That the Visitors were too powerful.

It’s like an antfarm fighting the US army.

That was disturbing commercial. :eek:

Ah, I see.

You know, we’ve had the moment with the rodent (sorta) and the moment where Anna feasted (on another V). The next moment I’m looking for is someone ripping a V’s face on live TV.

For this series specifically, I want to see what happens with Lisa when she finds out she’s immune to Anna’s bliss.

Wow, that baby is really scary to Anna…

“Have him remain on the ship until he’s no longer needed.”
“And then what?”

A reptile wouldn’t ask that.

If a human male mates with a V female, she could produce an army like Anna did.

So, yeah she scared.

And, that mating could be Ty and Lisa.

It’s forshadowing for the viewing audience. :wink:

Is there more to the mating then just the sex and ripping the head off? Because, like Rev. Sean said, with the blond babe, that could have happened in the first episode. :smiley:

Rule #47: Don’t take a call from your other agents in a place where your prisoner can hear you. They will probably escape and tell the bad guys.

Could be similar to BSG cylon/human mating. Something extra is needed.

This soldier’s going to be trouble, methinks.

Omg at the Reach commercial.

That commercial was awesome. :eek:

No, that’s always been sufficient for me.

I’ve said too much. :eek: