V 1x08 We Can't Win

Tuesday, 20 April 2010
10 PM Eastern/Pacific

The end of these Lost episodes leave me totally confused…

Ah, dream sequence.

Don’t fall for it, Scott! She’ll bite your face off!

She just said his father was the only one. Someone asked about that last week.

Well given that many people who watch every episode of Lost have a hard time keeping track of it too, that’s not surprising.

Lisa is 5th column…

Whoa, she’s falling for cute smile boy. :slight_smile:

I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the reporter’s towel look.

Scott Wolf really doesn’t do it for me. Not sure why not, just doesn’t. :slight_smile:

Roark Critchlow?

Starbuck’s father!!! :eek:

“Agenda? I thot this was a gift?”

Oh, so naïve… :rolleyes:

That mark seems hard to hide.

Blue Energy? Is this ABC’s answer to Earth Day recognition?

laughs at the cheesiness

Something special would happen to him, like having sex in space? :rolleyes:

Carusoe is a plant??

I give them credit for trying, but the emotional stuff is too forced/unnatural. Not sure if it’s the actors or the writing or both.

We saw that in the ship’s engine right?

Edit: She just answered.

That’s food for thought.