V 1x07 John May

Tuesday, 13 April 2010
10 PM Eastern/Pacific

Thanx Badger!!

Another frakkin Cylon!!

John May is a Cylon!!

Sorry, I forgot to make a thread ahead of time. :o

badgerfail :frowning:

OMGs, Trucco does get around, doesn’t he? :eek:

He’ll be on Castle next week too.

You look a little green, Anna. Do you feel ill?

Anna’s not looking so hot…

That’s better.

Its so hard to pay attention to V after a LOST like that. But that was kinda cool seeing Trucco

Lost, X-Files, BSG, Smallville, etc.

This show has some extreme sci-fi alumni.

And Shatner’s son-in-law, as well!

Not gonna ask about her parents?

Seriously! I’m still processing all the …

(cut for folks who haven’t watched Lost yet)
[spoiler] Des/Locke fighting drama in my mind! And ZOMG Libby was back with Hurley!

Its like the V’s are channeling KAAAAAHHHHHNNNN

Quick poll:

Better or worse than Ceti eel larva in the ear? :eek:

The Ceti Eel is looking tame right about now.

Updated version of the bugs from WoK.

That was a frakkin hive mind overload.

Hive mind!

Much Worse.

There are only two things that are allowed to leave my junk and one of those is not an robot termite thingy

Gotta say worse.

Actually, the larva made you do things against your will. Not sure.

During one of the last Dollhouse episodes, we had a 5 or 6-way hive mind. So, this is a good second.

I called it somewhat. I said Ty was adopted.

Frakes directed this? Suh-weet!