V 1x04 It's Only the Beginning

Tuesday, 24 November 2009
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Hello all.

If images were being “captured” by the jackets, won’t the image of her examining one in the communications room be one of them?

Strange conflict between the guys.

Have we seen Joshua before?

Not bad for an iguana.

No flue shot darn.

What’s wrong with Ryan’s girlfriend?

They’re preparing us for mealtime. They want healthy food.

Bulk up their food.

Poor kid mom is saving the world and you can not talk to her.

Love the eeire music when they zoom in on the jacket camera.

That’s just for the mass market. I’m sure some Visitors prefer free-range organic humans. :smiley:

I wonder if that is gonna be the reveal. I hope not. I hope it’s something new.

They do not want to get their version of mad cow disease.

My theory on what the reveal might be. An addictive drug which makes humanity slaves and depend on the V.

They obviously have incredible organic tech. They can rebuild cell structures and replenish tissue. I bet they have some serious viruses.

IMO, this is the kind of stuff we should have seen at the beginning of the series. Show us the Visitors are our friends and want to help us, you know, before they vacuum-seal us for TV dinners.

Yes, and make great looking humans. :smiley:

Like the electric eel guys on Next Gen?

This guy is a horrible shot. He’s like a few feet away.

Wow! When he took the pill, his face was freaky!

Oh SNAP! That guy just poof!