V 1x02 There Is No Normal Anymore

Tuesday, 10 November 2009
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Bringing it back to the top!! I may be a couple minutes late however

Hey everybody

Hey im like a minute behind. ill catch up at the commercial

Wasn’t there a cheezy horror movie with a ball like that?

I’m all for just jumping right into the action, but they really went right for it, didn’t they?

They really are cutting to the chase here with the V’s being bad aint they

A little bit of the Hivemind here eh?

I think you mean Phantasm? It was a plain shiny metal ball that produced weapons from inside itself. Same basic concept, though.

Well its obvious that “Juliet” played Half-life 2

Hey, that’s the one.

So I don’t buy that as a teenage boys room. It was WAYYYY to clean. Teenage boys don’t make their beds and clean their rooms to spotless.


Oh, noes, he was just a hallucination!

They do if they’re trying to impress their new alien girlfriend. :smiley:

He he

Wash…get it she’s in the shower…HAHA

Since when has anyone’s room on TV been realistic?

I have seen a few…none that spring to mind. Its few enough that when i see one i take notice.

There goes Tori! Wonder whether she’s been type cast or not?

Ted looks very familiar as well

Chad not Ted

Giant face of Anna, hovering over the cities of the world. Subtle. :slight_smile: