V 1x01 Pilot

Tuesday, 3 November 2009
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

SQUEEEEEEEEEE…ahem…I mean that’s great news…


Woo-hoo! I used to have V fan page. A pro-Visitor one, at that. :slight_smile: I called it ‘The Friends of the Visitors’, and it’s offline at the moment, but it still exists in archives:


I actually got hate mail for my Elian Gonzales story, heh. Also, they used my artwork at the one & only V convention in LA, woot!

Kinda funny. Syfy is showing the original V again. But, it’s going to end a half hour after the new V starts. Can anyone come up with a reason for that?

Monkeys run SyFy?

Hope everyone enjoys the show. I’m using the Internet at Starbucks, as the guys who were supposed to hook us up at home got their dates confused and are coming NEXT Monday instead of yesterday.

sigh Gotta finish my script, anyway. At least we have a DVR now. I’ll check back here after I’ve finally watched it.

Happy Frakking, Everyone!

Hello Everyone!

Uh oh! Juliet’s angry!

Greetings everybody!

What kind of narcissist has himself on tv as he showers?

Hello Aset!

And hello Visitors! :slight_smile:

Jesus fell. Some kind of message?

Well, that didn’t seem all that peaceful…

I’m sure there’s some sort of religious symbolism there but your guess is as good as mine

Ever see V for Vendetta?

I think the jet crashing was in poor taste, but maybe I’m over thinking it.

I’m sure it won’t be the last.

ETA: Apparently, I was right.

Those solders got into town quick…

Have you seen FlashForward???

And BTW, I love the sci-fi geek shoutout with Independence Day

Why would people start fighting?

Sorry I’m late.

I’m thinking there’s a connection to Jesus’ spill…