(Un)Official Anime thread.

Ok, I don’t think we have a thread. Basicly this is for any and all talk of anime.

Who thinks they want to give anime a chance?

The better question is: is anyone giving the new FMA a chance?

I haven’t seen any episodes yet, but it’s not from lack of interest. I’m more than willing to give the new FMA a chance.

I’m just glad they didn’t try and do something new with NGE. After the last two episodes made my head explode, I swore off that series.

Nope, Sorry boxy.

Tell you the truth I barely watch that much TV anymore.

but its no the interwebs, so its not really tv:p

From what I hear it’s based on the manga which I have read to the latest issue of, So it’s nothing I haven’t seen yet.

Maybe some time in the future but not right now.

Life is taking hold, Why I haven’t been on as much.

What is this life thing you speak of
GWC>Your girlfriend

So out of curiosity, what is everyone’s “time frame” of Anime? Like, what is the time frame of Anime you like the most, or where most of those series you REALLY love are located?

For me…it seems to be everything between the Captain Harlock series (a series older than I am, sadly) and Trigun/Cowboy Bebop.

Railroads played a key role in the modernization of Japan. After the first trains started running in 1872, railroads quickly expanded across the country. But as the number of trains increased, so did the frequency of phantom train sightings.

Most often seen by train conductors working late at night, these phantom trains — which looked and sounded like ordinary trains — tended to emerge suddenly from the darkness ahead. Shocked by the sight of an oncoming locomotive, conductors typically reacted by grinding their train to halt. Phantom trains usually vanished just before a collision occurred.

These phantom trains, whose sightings have been documented by scholars such as ethnologist Kunio Yanagita and folklorist Kizen Sasaki, were often thought to be the work of shape-shifting animals such as the kitsune (fox), tanuki (raccoon dog) and mujina (badger), because the carcasses of these animals would often be found near where sightings took place.

According to one old Tokyo tale, a phantom train used to appear frequently on the J?ban line. One night, while passing through Tokyo’s Katsushika ward, a conductor spotted the notorious phantom train barreling toward him. Convinced it was nothing more than an illusion, he kept charging ahead without applying the brakes. At the moment of impact, there was a loud shriek as the phantom train disappeared into thin air.

The next morning, a number of mangled badger carcasses were found scattered near the tracks where the sighting occurred. The nearby residents surmised that the badgers had banded together and shape-shifted into a menacing-looking train in revenge for being displaced from their homes. A burial mound was constructed for the badgers at Kensh?ji temple in Kameari.

A stone monument marking the spot of the badger burial mound can still be seen at the temple today.

Wow, I had no idea there were so many versions of her…:eek:

Why do I know Lum? She must have had a breakout in the states in the eighties or nineties.

(Breakout amongst comic book geeks, anyway.)

Yes in the eighties, Lum was one of the first titles to come over to the states in large numbers (Comics). She had high recognition among anime fans because of her movies and TV series (Urusei Yatsura, roughly translated: Those Obnoxious Aliens).:slight_smile:

What is it with these Asian men marrying anime characters?-


I’m looking for good ones on HULU or Youtube. Any recommendations??? I like the following ones so if these are any indication can anyone recommend any:

Shigurui (you’ve got to see this, it’s visually stunning and NSFW or Children).
Soul Eater
One Piece (frickin love One Piece)
Buso Renkin

Remember the cool abandoned theme park from ‘Spirited Away’? Well places like that truly exist, here are a collection of beautiful HQ photos of some amazing locations.


The link does not seem to be working…

It is at Asylum.com/2010/02/24/10 Japanese Ghost Towns.

You have to take out the extra http//.

Great pictures, but I didn’t see any spirits roaming around. d:

Thanks, now the link works!:slight_smile:

I have been searching for Anime Soundtracks the last couple of weeks and have been frustrated by the high prices. I just stumbled across a website that has Anime Soundtracks at ridiculously low prices.

Most of the CDs I have looked at averaged between 35 - 45 dollars, this new site I founds has them between 15 - 8 dollars!:eek: Next paycheck I am getting me some soundtracks!!:wink:


Dont be put off by the asian girls modeling airsoft guns, they also have anime CDs, DVDs and collectables. I do not know why their prices are so much less than Amazon, J List, and some of the other major players but I plan to make use of it.

EDIT: Just noticed that Right Stuf has some CDs as low as 3 and 2 dollars, and a Hell of a lot more too!


It looks like they’re bootlegs, but most OSTs sold in the U.S. are. Granted I could be totally wrong. Granted I could be totally wrong

I had not thought of that… I would prefer to support the industry I love. I guess I will stick with Right Stuf I know their stuff (or is that STUF?) is legit.