TSCC actors who went on to other things we watch

I am rewatching TSCC, and this time around I am surprised how many people that I didn’t really notice turned out to play serious roles in other scifi/fantasy series that I love.

TSCC: Random Police questioning cameron

Sasha Roiz later played Samuel Adama in Caprica

TSCC 1x06: Resistance fighter in the future, refusing to tell Derek where Kyle was sent to

Peter Mensah later played Doctore Oenomaus in Spartacus (also in 300 with Lena Headey)

Obviously I am still in Season 1… maybe there will be many more.

Well Sarah Connor herself is Cersei on Game of Thrones

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well, i guess i’ve already seen Sarah Connor’s boobs in the first Terminator movie…

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Kinda the same thing when you start watching Spartacus. After all those years of watching Xena and 10 years later they’re finally revealed.

The actor who played John Henry is in the news, if that counts. :slight_smile:

‘Raising Hope’ Actor Garret Dillahunt Sneaks Knife Through TSA, Tweets About It

i have accidentally slipped liquid through TSA check points before. tweeting about it lets people know that there are still vulnerabilities. I don’t know why people is giving him such hard time. I mean should the good people keep quiet about flaws in airport security until some bad guys demonstrate it loudly with an explosion?

and there still so Nice… but it’s nice to see her acting again, loved her in both Spartacus and BSG.

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