True Blood 4x12 And When I Die

Sunday, 11 September 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Woo Hooo!!! Season finale time.

Anybody here?

Ohhh poor Jesus, he hasn’t figured out that Lafayette is not himself at the moment

They better not kill Jesus off, I like him. They can have Tara instead (she has been getting on my nerves recently)

time for some fang bangin

Woot!!! Last time until next year :frowning:

waitwaitwait…stole her underpants???

and apork rhine casserole???


Huh? I think I missed something…trying to juggle too many things

just a thot…

…dont tell your best friend your get some ex gf loving WHEN HE HAS A CHAINSAW!!

I know, right???

Did Jason start out the season all banged up (and tied up for that matter)?

The actor that plays Lafayette has been doing a great job acting the various characters that have possessed him this season.

its true…zombies are the new vampires…

Did Sam just say that he fired her because she wasn’t here…

Oh, but wait, that was his brother wasn’t it?

yeo…that was all Tommy

“you cant trade magic like fuckin Pokemon cards”…I need to remember that

well…I think this could be a problem…

I don’t know about that…based on what just happened.


I liked Jesus

yeah…Jesus went to meet jesus

:frowning: I really liked the character and the actor