True Blood 4x08 Spellbound

Sunday, 14 August 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

And the light background strikes again.

Le sigh. :frowning:

It did look better on the dark forum…but oh well we will survive.

Woot…here we go (it seemed to take forever to come on tonight)

Jason so better rescue Jessica (of course if you have read the descriptions you know something did)

Jason’s gotta save her. He just has to. :eek:

Whew…of course Jessica didn’t look very grateful (but I am betting Bill and Hoyt will be)

She looks a lot more grateful now. :rolleyes:

OK…there is the grateful part. Those two are so ending up together at some point.

Poor Bucky. :frowning:

Well we all saw what happened now, it is not like I spoiled it last week :stuck_out_tongue:

Jason can be a bit of a talker when he wants to, can’t he.

So you owe him your life, but oh by the way please don’t report us.

Hehe - go Jason - fight fire with fire.

That would be tough - telling which person was which with a shifter who is a “skin-walker”

Sookie - that may not be a good idea…

gotta love the cursing in Norwegian or Swedish, or which ever.

I just can’t accept Eric in plaid.

Should be Swedish.

Wow, it is the new gentler Eric, I kinda like him.

And I like Sookie a whole lot better with Eric then with Bill

“This is a tenth century Viking skull…”

Interesting. I doubt that’s a coincidence.

Yeah, the plaid isn’t doing it, but I am loving his personality - so sweet and innocent.