True Blood 4x07 Cold, Grey Light of Dawn

Sunday, 7 August 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

yeah…Bill aint gonna liek that

or that

or even that

and Definitely not THAT

I messed up and though TB was on at 10 (oops - hey what can I say I haven’t really been home to watch it live). But it is on the DVR, so I shall watch in a little bit.

Sam’s gonna be maaaaad

ya gorra follow directiosn man

Taras kinda scaring me

Jason better tackle Jessica at the beginning of next week

Pam is not looking good, not looking good at all

Now Lafeyette is a medium, and Jesus had to almost die to figure that out?

I am sure that wasn’t expecting to see that when he went looking for Sookie

The true death via a staking is always such a messy and gross affair

Is Jason going to wear a shirt this season? And he has it bad for Jessica.

And I never realized how short he is compared to Hoyt.

How long are the they planning to do it?

Poor Pam…and she is so not going to be happy with Eric/Sookie.


Eric looks sooo different this season.

And for the first time I kinda like Bill. I was never a Bill fan, but he is starting to grow on me. I just hope he doesn’t get between Eric/Sookie, because I kinda like that pairing.

That’s gotta hurt.

Poor Jessica, but atleast Bill shows (again) he cares for the girl he was forced to make into a vampire

Jess is teh OSSIM

I love her, she is so adorable

Poor Sam - he has no idea why she is pissed at him. He is going to be PISSED when he finds out