True Blood 4x02 You Smell Like Dinner

Sunday, 3 July 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

awwww Sookie Sookie now :smiley:

DUDE - why ya gotta be lickin folks head?!?!? :eek:

well…Jason is having a bad day

Who wouldn’t lick Jason Stackhouse if given the chance?

OK, maybe it’s just me. :slight_smile:

“I am a Christian, God damnit”…now that’s some Church right there

Sookie…you have really crap timing

Bill seems unusually gentle there, particularly considering the punk gear. :slight_smile:

Louis Pasteur invented Tru Blood! :eek:

I recommend an Iron supplement—LOL

“He’s a baby. They don’t think in words.”

I was kind of hoping that Sookie could read the baby’s mind.

Jason manages to get himself into the most interesting dilemmas. :slight_smile:

Good to see Arlene is over that whole…oh wait

Scene check? I’m watching via HBO Go.

“You want a friend to smell, smell your own.” :smiley:

Whoa! I missed the eye thing before! That was intense. :eek:

Sam is talkign to the uber hot shape shifter girl (Uma I think)

OK, I’ll pause. Let me know when Sookie and Tara go into the house.

Theyre in the house

“Psychopathic fratboy.” :smiley:

Hey, that’s a waste of perfectly good blood! :eek: