True Blood 3x10 I Smell a Rat

Sunday, 22 August 2010
9 PM Eastern/Pacific


…ah Russell :smiley:

I’m here. Had a long weekend working on chapter one, so this is my reward.

DAWN!! hola!

I just love Russell and his triffle dish with Talbot inside

“We will eat you, after we eat your children.”

You heard the man, start breeding. :smiley:

a Fairy???

Huh…didnt see that coming

Tinker-Sookeh! :eek:

“Every supernatural I’ve ever met believes the Fae were wiped out… by vampires.” :eek:

I think fairies can be powerful. I love that she thinks it’s lame.

Did y’all hear? Bill & Sookeh got married IRL.

Shoot, I should be wearing my VILF shirt I got in my SDCC True Blood swag bag!

What’s with Jason killing all of Tara’s boyfriends? Questionable taste thereof aside?

A VILF shirt? Sweet!

I’m not sure if I’m Chrystal fan or not.

well the last one was pretty frakked up

What the frak?

She’s all right, but I’d hardly call her a world-class piece of ass. :slight_smile:

Fairy blood is nom nom nom :smiley:

I wanna see Sookie with Eric. I’m sick of Bill in a way.

Aw. Imma gonna cry. :o