True Blood 3x09 Everything is Broken

Sunday, 15 August 2010
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

wait…EVERYTHING is broken???

well sh*t…

Hard to say, really. The equipment we use to measure what’s not broken is, of course, broken. :frowning:

So, DOES Lafayette have some sort of power? Normally, we’d just ignore the rambling of the crazy lady, but in this show, she probably knows what’s what.

Eric is panicking. Never a good sign. :eek:

Eric dude…youre nopt going anywhere…

That is quite possibly the worst armor I’ve ever seen in the history of television/film

V-Feds? :eek: :eek: :eek:

was thinking the same thing…that’d be kinda cool actually

wonder if they are The Authority?

Only needs to prevent wood and silver from penetrating it.

Since Lafayette died in the first or second book there’s not even book spoilers to tell us one way or the other. Exciting.

Um dude…he’s past dead…that’s not gonna help

Why are you dragging Apollo, Midnighter, and the rest into this ? =P

Nah, I think The Authority is one specific vampire.

I get that but it just doesn’t look cool. Somebody needs to hire me for tacticool advisor imo

That’s just sad and disturbing, trying to reassemble the pile of organs.

Rest in pieces, Talbot. :frowning:

Sookeh has become pretty blasse about corpses.

Also blood play.

Also that’s hot.

Uh oh—secret file…

Wow, Jesus. That robe ain’t working for you.