True Blood 3x08 Night on the Sun

Sunday, 8 August 2010
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

whos thirsty? :smiley:

sookie is good at that horror movie scream… :eek:

“I don’t know how to start forgiving you.”

Um, you offered your blood to a starving vampire. What did you expect to happen?

Sookie can grow old with Bill.

She’ll be the only one, but still. :stuck_out_tongue:

awww…Bil can’t say “SOOKAH IZ MAHN” now…

“You’re acting like a century-old child.” :smiley:

“they killed mah cooter”…

…that just sounds wrong

“I enjoy good head-ripping as much as the next vampire…” :smiley:

“But she’s a special cunt.” :eek:

Eric won’t sell you out…he’ll kill you waaaaay before then

OK, so who’s the Authority?

dunno…but they better respect it :smiley:


I knew it! :eek:

heeeeyyy…shouldnt she have more blood tears…

Obviously she’s running dry.

“You’ve got no right gettin’ in my head. That’s… trespassing.”

mmm, classic stupid Jason. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jason…dont do anything stupid!!..

oh damn…momma crazy…

Is she having naughty dreams about the guy whose skull she crushed?

Oh, the therapy you need, girl. :eek:

“Did you just call me a dumb bitch?”

Takes one to know one. :rolleyes: