Travel Information

We’ve received a few questions regarding travel arrangements (i.e. transportation to and from events, etc.). It’s important to note that we (meaning me, Audra, and Sean) are not actively providing transportation between events. We’re going to have our hands full keeping everything running smoothly (and hanging out/geeking out with you).

Thankfully, GWC’s awesome travel planning guru Raemani has graciously offered to again help organize ride-sharing and room-sharing and such among attendees who have cars, are local, or have extra space in their room. So if you’re planning on snagging rides to/from the airport or to/from events, you’ll definitely want to contact her as soon as possible so she can add you to her lists and hopefully help you find transportation.

As always, we recommend you make your arrangements (either confirming a shared ride with Raemani or renting a car yourself) prior to your arrival.

(Those who attended last year’s meetup can attest to Rae’s incredible job of organizing these issues. Everyone had a place to stay and rides to the events, and this is mostly her doing.)

Just an FYI - I have been really, really busy at work this week, so I won’t get to my PM’s until this weekend at the earliest.

I will reply to each of you so you know I got it.

Just didn’t want anyone to worry - just real life getting in the way of my GWC time.

OK - everyone who sent me a PM should have PM’s in return.

As peoples plans firm up it will be easier for me to pair people up and arrange for rides.

Even if you don’t need a ride but are willing to pick up people at the airport PM me so I have your information.

Thanks in advance for all those have volunteered already, or plan to volunteer.

I am getting very excited - can’t wait to see everyone again, and meet all the new people who will be joining us for the first time this year.

OK guys - I have one guy that needs a roomie for the meet-up. Any body out there that hasn’t told me they either need a roomie or have room in their room??

If someone who has had to back out has a room that is a double and someone who has a single and wouldn’t mind sharing maybe we can work something out.