Thundercats anime


'bout to snarf you up!

I was a big fan of Thundercats back in the day so I am curious to check this out.


Still more Thunder-Thunder-Thundercats

Finally watching the new Thundercats. Like the fact that Snarf doesn’t talk. Not sure how I feel yet on how the whole series is going to take place on Third Earth, and that Thundara is just a city there. Lion-O and Tygra brothers or step brothers? Could see this as an interesting plot device to add some tension. Having different races in Thundara is interesting. The dog race person Lion-O saved. Having other races is good instead of calling them mutants like in the original. Also WilyKit and WilyKat (huh so WilyKit is understood by Spell check but WilyKat isn’t. Interesting) as Street kids was interesting. Shows not everyone is a noble as in the original. That’s my observations for the first 15mins lol.

Have to say the new take is different. Not bad just different. Slowly Lion-o is growing into being the king. Considering what their origins are it looks like a fun ride. Will definitely keep me watching.

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I agree it’s totally different. I am down with the new look. The whole journey to become the king is a classic archetype. It will he interesting to see where this goes. How long it will last. No Burbles, but singing living plants. Just have to see. Does this show have a theme song?

Just wanted to update. Watched all 7 released episodes. Anyone else notice Mon*Star from Silverhawks on the screen in MumRa’s ship in episode 7?

yea i saw Mon star nice om-age to old shows