the "we all got home safe from Dallas" thread!!!

Seemed like a good idea while I wait at baggage claim!!! Everyone check in and get home safe!! :slight_smile:

Is this Smck40 (sp?)? Are you longer “Smack 40”?

Yeah, that’s you… Good to meet & hang with you, sir.

Yes and Yes…after introducing myself three times and hearing “oh the hockey guy” it sounded like a better name choice then an awkward mashup of my name :slight_smile:

I just got home. Fortunately, the severe weather didn’t hit while I was still at the airport.

Safely home to Pig’sknuckle.

Safely back at my residence. Dunno about the home part :frowning:

Safely home.

Raemani checking in before collapsing in bed.

Got home, no problems. Cats finally forgave me.

Severe weather coming into Cleveland. A little scary with lightning strikes just outside my window. but no problems getting on the ground. No problems from there to VT. Great to meet everyone!


Albatross and I got home safe … finally. It was a long ordeal (about 24 hours total traveling time), but it sounds like a lot of people had that. It was nice to finally see our kitties and take a nap in a real bed.

But lots of fun was had! :smiley:

I am home. I have showered. I am about to collapse into bed. :slight_smile: