The Walking Dead 2x07 Pretty Much Dead Already

Sunday, 27 November 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Darrell is gonna be on Talking Dead tonight!

Oh siht. Glenn’s gonna spew!

Let’s geeeeeew! =D

Making all that ruckus around the walkers is a bad idea guys

Why did Glenn have ot spew it? I mean damn…

This can’t end well

I have an Idea…

…put Shane bitch ass in there with the walkers. He wants to fight them./…let him go

I’ve seen a lot of horse barns, those are flimsy ass doors

What…and NOT use Glenn-bait?

The episode description says “everything is food for something”. :eek:

Circle of life bitches

ROFL…poor Glen

Old school prop gags…win!

I’m in favor of Maggie-bait. Bitca

well om nom nom

Sounds good to me!

SOMEbody is sweet on SOMEbody…

Darrell is officially a bad ass…just saying

…and it’s not reciprocal. Damn

Dale is frakkin psychic man…WTF!