The Walking Dead 2x04 Cherokee Rose

Sunday, 6 November 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Alright, who all is here tonight :slight_smile:

Still liking shirtless Shane btw!

and now I sorta know how to take that gun apart! Yay

haha Glen is cracking me up

OSHT the well! :frowning:

I get like that in the tubby sometimes. =)

OK did not need to see a bloated nekkid zombie! eek

I miss taking baths! I can’t in my tub :frowning:

are there Zombies in the water…yes…yes there is

No one else frakking? For shame.

I’m a little afraid to drink the water at my parents not! They have a well lol!

agreed mes ami

Now it’s a threesome! Yay!

Going fishing!

This poor friggin’ kid!

That’s no carp, Keir!

scream GLEN!

Oh, good - held up by the guy with the gammy arm…

nononoHELL no…not in the well…f you f-ers