The Vampire Diaries 3x04 Disturbing Behavior

Thursday, 6 October 2011
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Jeremy the Ghost Whisperer is an odd storyline. I’m curious where they’re going with this.

Dark Stefan is kind of a dick. :frowning:

Your dead girlfriend can touch you? That can go to some weird places. :eek:

Stefan, you should know better. Don’t fuck with witches. :eek:

Shirtless Stefan. It’s been too long. :stuck_out_tongue:

“This is sexy!”

Yes. Yes, it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

“I’m stronger than you, little girl.”
“Well I’m angrier!” :cool:

“It says you’re human.”

Well, sort of, for a doppelgänger. :slight_smile: