The new Doctor

Now that the new Doctor is on the scene how do you feel about it? Do you like the way they fixed the regeneration issue? Did you understand how they fixed it? It was nice to see Amy again. A touching goodbye to the raggedy man. The regeneration was quick. Liked the comment about not liking the colour of his kidneys.

I loved the way they did it, though the who regeneration process was a bit to “Walking Dead turning for me” (where the event happens to move the plot or story). I guess though this was a “reset” and as the 12 and final Doctor of the first set said, (or something like that) “its like a reset so it goes a bit differently”.
Now, are they going to go with a wiped clean Doctor or will he gain some or all of his memories back over time… should be an interesting ride!

I’m getting a little tired of Space Magic saving the day, but other than that I’m cool with it. I knew they had to fix it.

For clarity (Should that be Clara-ty?), what I’m talking about is how the Time Lords essentially defeated the Daleks through the Doctor, by giving him regenerations. In no way does one of those suggest the other. And even if it did, why couldn’t they have found a Time Lord on his last life back during the Time War and done all the Space Magic to him to defeat the Daleks?

That off my chest, I’m happy with finale and looking forward to #12. Or 13. Or 14. Whatever number he is.

I do agree the coincidence of space magic was a bit over used. It would have been nice to see the Daleks defeated some other way. I wonder if we will find out the cost of giving the Doctor a new regeneration cycle.

Found this. The first official pic of the new Doctors new wardrobe.

The new season is only a few weeks away!! Thanks to Netflix (and Amazon Prime), I was able to watch the entire first seven seasons of the rebooted product and boy did I (and my GF) fall in love with this show…from what I’ve been reading the commercials BBC is running, it looks like they’re going back to an edgier Doctor ala Eccelston where its not all smiles and gags…and honestly I’m looking forward to it…don’t get me wrong Matt Smith was a blast…but along the way the Doctor has left a trail of havoc and damage behind him…nice to see it seems like he might be doing something about it now…