The Last Jedi *spoilers ahead*


Warning - spoilers ahead!

If you haven’t watched The Last Jedi, go no further ???

Seriously? Ok then…
(Holy crap it’s been so long! I’ve missed you guys! I’m finally realising my 2017 New Year’s resolution to post more stuff and being this place back to life - on 30th Dec!)

My first thought was that TLJ is sort of a homage to BSG (old & new)…? Oui/Non?

Check this out:

*Kylo Ren’s Cylon helmet => check

*Stubborn space-jockey hotshot pilot who defies Command and then later mutinies => check

*Evil villain who somehow shows up every time the heroes -FTL- I mean, hyper-space jump because there’s a tracker hidden somewhere => check

*Gets sidetrack mission on a casino planet => check

*Rebel alliance’s headcount keeps shrinking as their leader tells them to -do their jobs and find Erf- I mean, move forward till they run out of gas and escape to Hoth. => check

*Heroes kamikaze their capital ship into the bad guys’ ship => check

*Holden reminds me of Adama and Roslin embodied into one person.

Some more scattered thoughts :
I’ve always felt that TLJ, as the second act of the trilogy, is supposed to be the “adagio” movement. So expect lots of people to die.

The one major difference in Star Wars from the BSG universe was that sentient robots had citizenship in the old Republic and that’s where the similarities end. (Ok, remember that the rebel Cylons did get sworn in as Colonial citizens just before the good guys attacked Cavill’s Colony <PS I still think it looks like a croissant>)

I loved the “ohhh!” moments of exposition in TLJ.
Like, “Oh, remember Leia is Luke’s sister and she has force powers too!” Which is handy when she’s floating in space.
Rose Tico shared a bunch of insights (because being a knuckle-dragger, I mean, grunt worker gives you lots to think about on your downtime) - like the military industrial complex that enabled the First Order, and continues to enable whomever takes over, is the true core of the rot at the Galactic Empire; that you win by saving the thing you love; that hope lies with the next generation;
And that moment when Benicio del Toro told Finn that “it’s just a machine”;
Or that realisation that killing Snope just replaced an old dark lord with a new one in true Sith fashion. (LotR comes to mind, but not in a good way.)

My understanding at close to the end was that the trip to Hoth using escape pods was Leia’s idea (probably a pre-planned fail safe), that Holden was executing. Leia kinda realised early on that they’re being tracked. I love how she seems old hat at strategy at a Command level! And Command is not obliged to share details with you if your rank is not high enough. (That a Motherly figure to Poe gave him a slap, that moment should have carried more gravitas. Also that he caused the deaths of their whole bomber fleet!)
Of course, if you’re trapped in a spaceship and hunted down for years on end (sounds like BSG again!), it gets claustrophobic, not unlike being in a submarine. And people don’t fool around when it comes to surviving in a space environment.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got at the moment and it’s 3:28am right now.

So say we all!



I know I was guilty of making a few BSG jokes during the movie myself (I think I even called it “BSG + the Force” and made the “HI, I’m Ron Moore!!!” joke that anyone who saw the blu-ray’s gets :smiley: )

in a lot of ways this movie felt like the “Star Wars Reboot”…the hell with the past, the Jedi and Sith are gone…and the Force is broken as all hell…I didn’t mind the Head-Rey and Head-Kylo stuff (more BSG nuggets…heh), but man they made the force WAY too powerful…I get we want Leia to have a bad-ass Jedi force scene…but no-selling a space walk…I almost yelled in the theater “the hell did she become a Green Lantern??” it just bothered me that they took the “rules” of the Force and just chucked them over Luke’s OTHER shoulder so the lightsaber didn’t smack them…I did like Kylo hacking Snoke into two pieces (he ain’t dead folks)…and the Yoda cameo was awesome…but not sure I like Force ghosts affecting the living (the cane to Luke’s head and his general messing and missing Luke was cool though…the lightning bolt through the tree…)

I think the biggest thing for people who are in a frenzy about this movie need to remember…IT IS TRILOGY DAMMIT…they have one more movie to finish the story “but wahhh I gotta wait!!!”…SUCK IT UP, WE SAT FOR THREE YEARS on “no Luke…I am your father” and WE LOVED IT :stuck_out_tongue:

So damn much happened in this movie…need to see it again to fully process it…I liked it much better than the Force Awakens…and they had some SERIOUS balls in this movie with what they did…I respect them going out on a limb like that


As terrible as it sounds, the Leia-in-danger moments felt more tense knowing that Carrie Fisher is gone, and (presumably) wouldn’t be appearing in future episodes.

Overall, this movie was a lot of fun. I managed to avoid all spoilers and review buzz about it, so I went in fresh and thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. I like the idea of wiping out the “old ways” of Jedi/Sith - this story is now more about the individuals and their decisions, and the light/dark side is no longer bound to, as Yoda put it, “ancient tomes of knowledge”. (BTW YAY MUPPET YODA IS BACK!)

Didn’t think about the similarities to BSG plot elements, but I am now - I’m planning on seeing it a second time, and will definitely look at it through that lens.


I did find too that “avoiding as much news as possible about this movie” was the best way to go into it too (but I try to do that with every movie…just show me enough to be interested in the trailers and commercials…that seems be a dying art in movies now)

It’s funny I didn’t notice puppet Yoda THAT much…I was just glad he was there …loved him pranking Luke soooo much :smiley:

I do like how Kylo is becoming the “anti-Vader” and his family pushes him deeper into dark (and he’s killed 2 of the 3 in the Trinity, I do wonder how he will complete his destiny and get to Leia, since they obviously can’t use Carrie Fisher anymore…I expected her to die in this movie too and the whole theater was gonna bawl if she had…)

Least we get the Han Solo movie coming soon!


I gotta say I love Kylo Ren & Rey’s struggle between the light/dark side.
I mostly agree. Though I’d like to see the Order of the Jedi be revived and re-empowered.
Never thought about the BSG similarities.
Going to see it again tomorrow. I’ll watch it with BSG in mind.


Yah, I had the same feeling.


Agree. Leia’s space walk was a little too much.
(And I can practice suspension of disbelief with the best of them.):slight_smile:


I find Kylo Ren such an interesting character.
Complicated, strong, unstable, passionate - what will he end up embracing?
At the end of the Last Jedi, it seems obvious- the dark side - BUT…he’s very complicated…and there’s more to the story.


I see him alot as the “Anti-Vader”…his passions and his loves drive him deeper into the Dark, while Anakin’s redeemed him in the end…I would really love a scene between Kylo and Force-Ghost Anakin to set him straight on Vader’s TRUE story…