The Geek T-Shirt Exchange

Dawn and I had thought of this months back at a mini-meet, and being as scatterbrained as I am, I immediately set a note in my calendar to post about this, and promptly forgot about it. Go, me. Thankfully, Chuck and Audra mentioned something about a similar idea on Eff This Week last night entirely of their own accord, and I now have the drive to get this thing done.

I am, admittedly, a shameless geek-shirt addict/whore. I can’t part with them, I keep succumbing to impulse buys (thank you so frakking much, ShirtPunch, Woot, TeeFury…), and now that two dresser drawers are jammed with the damned things, and I can no longer wear them at work (damn the Man), I want to make sure that if ANYONE else enjoys them, it has to be geeks who will appreciate them just as much.

Hence, I will be packing an extra piece of luggage for the Meetup, with shirts to swap/gift/donate to my fellow addicts – who are absolutely invited and encouraged to do the same. (I’m staring at YOU, Nightwing…)

No money involved. NONE. This is good-geek-will here, and you can either find another shirt you love and want to swap, or just enable each others’ addictions, and give 'em all away.
I’m personally seeing this as a way to combat the separation anxiety that I would feel parting with ANY of my babies down a donation-bin chute, the local consignment/thrift shop, or some other travesty. How else can I be sure that my Underdog shirt, or Crom-forbid, my “Big Trouble In Little China” shirt, doesn’t end up in the hands or on the shoulders of one who can’t fully appreciate it?

If you think you down for it, drop a note here so I can try to anticipate the scale of the project. We can claim an extra table at one of the eateries we invade one night, or just use someone’s hotel room to lay 'em all out and browse. I’ll tinker with the details once I know how many want to play along. Either way, I am NOT coming back with the same number I arrive with!

I have some shirts I can donate to the cause- maybe 5 to 10? This is a good idea!

I have one I might take along, but I’m not planning on checking a bag, so room might be too tight.

Layer up!

I have a few Star Trek themed shirts. Specifically:


They’ve never been worn, and are still wrapped in their original plastic. Size: L

I have a ton of 2X geek shirts. They’re all worn, but well-washed. If there’s interest, I’ll bring 'em.

I am willing to receive some largesse. Alas I can not bring any to share. I’ve donated most of the clothes that don’t fit anymore. And I stopped buying/got rid of the geek shirts I had ages ago.

Folks can arrive with more than they leave, or leave with more than they arrive, with much welcome. I know personally, I’m just pleased knowing they’ll have loving torsos to cover. (And yes, Thot, Talos and Topgun. Boobs, too.)

I’m XL/2XL, so I’d be interested.

I’m sorry – did somebody say “boobs”? :smiley:

I have about 10-15 geeky t-shirts I’d be happy to donate, mostly men’s sizes L or XL, and a few ladies’ shirts, L through XXL.

I didn’t see this mentioned earlier in the thread, but in case anyone wondered, I’m totally fine with people taking shirts for craft purposes and such as well as for wearing. If you wanted to cut the logo out and put it on a book bag or quilt or something, I’m cool with that! Whatever GWCers want to do is better than it going to a strange donation pile where its geekiness probably wouldn’t be appreciated.

I have lots of good shirts that don’t fit anymore (mostly Firefly, BSG, Dexter, other geek). I’ve gained weight but I bet a lot of you Wolverines have lost weight, so might be a perfect swap! Most of my shirts are baby doll tees size M.

Now that I’ll be checking a bag, I’m going to be bringing some TV series DVDs I wasn’t able to trade in at the used DVD store too. Free to a good home.

Ah, you had me until “baby doll”. My girlish figure just isn’t what I’d hope it to be. Bumps in all the wrong places?

I have a few T-s to bring myself. It took me a while to figure out the correct sizing from all the T-shirt vendors so I have a couple of shirts that are too small for me and some I don’t wear anymore.

Can I shout out for a Trek T-shirt? I don’t own one & would love one for my T-shirt Tuesday with the students.

I’ve only recently been in a spot financially to start my collection. So far I am up to two with a third ordered today so I can’t make any contributions, but I’d be more than happy to give a loving home to some in need if it’s cool

I am here:,-98.290032

Any plans for when we’re going to do this? I don’t know the floorplan of the room the podcasts will be in, but if there are tables in there, maybe we could put those not needed for podcasting equipment against the back wall and put everything there for people to look at.

Since I had originally envisioned it rather informally, I was just going to lay the lot of them out on the beds in my room, and let y’all wander through. I do like the tabletop idea, provided we have the available surfaces to work from. If not, since we “own” half the hotel this weekend, we could always line a hallway, and let the nerdy masses take a walking tour.

We’re crafty folk, I’m sure we can improvise.