The Fear Saga -Stephen Moss


Fear the Sky (Book 1) 2014
by Stephen Moss

“In eleven years time, a million members of an alien race will arrive at Earth.
Years before they orbit, they’re approach will be announced by the flare
of a thousand flames in the sky, their ships’ huge engines burning hard
to slow them from the vast speeds needed to cross interstellar space.
These foreboding lights will shine in our night skies, getting ever brighter
until they outshine even the sun, casting ominous shadows and banishing
the night until they suddenly blink out.”

I stumbled across this book last week, looked intriguing.

WOW, so good. This is hard SciFi, intelligent, with mature characters (refreshing!!).
Very engaging - I can’t put it down.
It is such a joy to read GOOD scifi.



Fear the Survivors
(Book 2)

To be released July 2015.



Fear the Future (Book 3)

To be released Aug 2015



Fear the Sky (Book 1)

Just finished this.
Wow, very good.
It left me wanting more.
It’s going to be hard to wait for July for Book 2.
I am so glad I found this.


Sooo good !
The story continues and the characters develop.
Kept my interest throughout and left me yearning for the next installment.


Damn good science fiction -first class. REAL science fiction !!! Great story & characters.
This is why I read SciFi.