The Event Group


Been reading a series called the Event Group by David L. Golemon.
A mix of scifi and adventure.
Enjoying it. The stories are fast-paced and inventive.
The characters - not that deep, but likeable.

Book 1 - Event
Is a first contact story. Pretty good.

Book 2 - Legend
About the legend of El Dorado.

Book 3 - Ancients
About the legend of Atlantis.

That’s as far as I’ve read.
More later


I am so enjoying this series. I have come to really like all the quirky characters.
The storytelling is so engaging and unexpected.

Book 4 - Leviathan
Ancient intelligent sea creatures (mermaids/mermen)

Book 5 - Primeval

Book 6 - Legacy
Continues Bk 1 -Back to the moon. 700 million old human remains.

Book 7 - Ripper
The basis for Jekyll & Hyde and Jack the Ripper.

Working through the next three in the series.
More later.


Still really liking this series.

Book 8 - Carpathian
The lost tribes of the Israelites.
The basis for the werewolves stories.
Some pretty humorous exchanges.
Really enjoyed it.

Book 9 - Overlord
Continues Bk 1 & Bk 6 -the alien contact, conquest attempt.
Really good.


Hoping this series won’t end anytime soon.

Book 10 - Mountain
A break from our heroes for a look at the Event Group’s first mission.
The main character, Jack Collins, reads the journal of the first mission’s leader.
Very well done. really liked it.


There is a Book 11 - Traveler,
scheduled to be released July 2016.
I can’t await the next installment.