The Elder Scrolls Online


Beta signups are live at

The “cast” of last June’s teaser trailer are all back. Behold six minutes of live action/CG awesome. Starts off slow, but then it builds, and builds, and builds… Downloadable HD at gametrailers Can I has this as a feature film instead?



Picking up right where the first ended…
And still nobody cares terribly much about the game but just wants to see more of these live action trailers. :smiley:



So, is anyone else playing in the early release? It officially releases this Friday anyway. Will anyone here be giving it a try?


Trying is not available. It’s all in or nothing for $59.99 then $14.99 per month. Standard and Imperial Edition have topped Amazon’s PC game sales - displacing Titanfall and Diablo 3 - in the first few hours of sales today.



Does anyone here play ESO?


Anyone here still playing ESO? I just picked it up on sale and I’m eager to try it out over the weekend.