The daily song you should listen too


Always looking for new tunes so…


There are so many songs in the world, Boomer. Among my favorites of late are:

The Long and Winding Road (The Beatles-if you can find a version without Phil Spector’s orchestration, though, you’re better off. Actually, I’ve been listening to The Beatles a whole lot lately)

Under Pressure (Queen-kind of sums up my life these days, though I LIVE for the final bridge before the coda!)

Beyond that, well, I mostly listen to classical music (and kind of weird, avant garde stuff at that), and I’m not sure that’s what you’re looking for.


“The Raggle Taggle Gypsy” from the Chieftains album Further Down the Old Plank Road with Nickel Creek featured in that song.


Well, not an official song, but it’s Bowie doing a hilarious bit from the British TV series “Extras”. I always get this little tune stuck in my head after I hear it.


Beatles kind of fell from me (I’ve been listening to them for about say the 24 years since I’ve been breathing, but I had a massive queen crush for a while, under pressure still ranks, on my list of greats and I don’t care who knows it

IF you’re into Classical, There was a score to the movie perfume (story of a murderer) that was just remarkable; I haven’t heard one as good since the gattica score, and Oliver schroer’s, Camino album one of my favorite Canadian musicians. But I digress

Bad boomer :frowning: swears he’ll stop pimping music…

Well some day anyways


I always have to plug my favorite local artists so basically anything by Eleni Mandell or Ferraby Lionheart. tonight I’m in the mood for Eleni’s “Moonglow, Lamp Low” and Ferraby’s “Tickets to Crickets”.


He da man…


Hey don’t apologize, Boomer. Pimping music is great. I’m a professional musician and, ironically, don’t get to listen to much music for fun anymore. Being a classical musician, I also don’t get to extend that much outside my immediate comfort zone (though that’s pretty wide) too often, so it’s always cool to hear what other people are listening to.

My own classical tastes are in the concert arena rather than film scores. My favorite composer, probably, is Louis Andriessen, who is a Dutch composer whose style merges modernism with minimalism and jazz. Very cool stuff but definitely not for everyone.

The Beatles have been an obsession of mine since I was a little kid. I was born three years after they broke up, so I got into them through my dad, who was a huge fan, though only up till about 1965 or so (ironically, he didn’t care for their best stuff, which I think came in '66-69). I’m teaching a theory/history course on them next term, so I’ve been listening to them almost non-stop for the last few months just trying to put together a listening list in my mind, especially when it comes to some unreleased materials and outtakes from various albums, etc.

Okay, here’s a relatively recent (2006) pop song I admire: “Not About Love” by Fiona Apple (so sue me, she’s good). Some fine piano playing in that little tune, not to mention a cool arrangement (even if it’s not one of her most creative lyrics).


Simple question do you have a my space page thingy or something of the sort.

(I know I’m tragically behind the times, but keep myself here on purpose)

I try to keep myself up to date on all kinds of music, (like I said music man whore), but my job makes me watch many, many, many movies so that is a primary source for me.

A family member (Once or so removed, play’s the harp, she’s been teaching for many years and plays in her city’s symphony orchestra more than a little beautifully. i would share it with you if could figure how to do it with my computer (palms keyboard agrily; wheres the any key!!!)

I’ve tried and continue to try to learn the guitar, but my natural talents lie in different creative endeavors I’m afraid, not that I’m going to stop trying, 30 minutes a day, until one day I’ll actually play chords, but its still good even to play badly (not for my neighbors so much but for me:p) so I’m good, besides before I stop drawing breath I will play the violin, it’s been my oath since I was about 10 and it will happen.

Wish i could share your love the beatles, but when your forced to listen as kid you just rebel naturaly, or at least i do.

So share some of your work with us if you want to


And I’ve listened to the song many a time, but T.B. Sheets is still my favorite but after a hard day at work it’s a fine song to unwind to.

Cause there will be day’s like this


Feist’s “1 2 3 4” from that iPod commercial really is all that. It’s the kind of transcendent pop tune that doesn’t come along very often. Sounds like nothing else out there – non-gratuitous banjo bit and a trumpet solo, are you kidding me? If it sounds good to you, you’ll dig the whole album.

And as far as the Bowie song from Extras goes, caution: It’ll get stuck in your head and have you snickering all day. Brilliant.


Bowie - Space Oddity, Changes, Let’s Dance and Ziggy Stardust
Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (I actually used to know a girl called Eleanor Rigby in a unrelated aside), Help, Strawberry Fields forever and All you need is love
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody, Seven seas of rhye, We will rock you, you’re my best friend, good old fashioned loverboy
Kiss - God Gave rock and roll to you, Crazy, Craze Nights and Rock and Roll all Nite
Scissor Sisters - Lovers in the Backseat, Take your Mama, Laura, I can’t decide, I don’t feel like dancing

and then other random great songs

Jamie T - Sheila
Holloways - Generator
Hoosiers - Worried about Ray
Anything by Mika and Gym class heroes as well

well thats a start, course if we had the time Im sure each of us could produce a list of a few hundred songs at least that should be listened to.



I understand the rebellion over The Beatles. I think that may be why I prefer their stuff AFTER they got turned on to LSD. I wonder if my kids will rebel to it (though I’d like to think we listen to various enough types of music around the house and in the car for them to be exposed to a wide gamut. No death metal or gangsta rap, though, which means they’ll probably go for that, or their equivalent, in 15 years).

Anyway, I do have a My Space thingie, though I haven’t updated it in a few months. There’s some music up on it if you want to check it out: Also, you can go to the American Music Center ( and find me (“Armando Bayolo”) on their composers database right there on the main page (you’ll have to do a search, though. They have a ton of composers). There’s quite a bit more music there than on my My Space page but, like the My Space, I haven’t updated it in a while. One of these days my website will finally be finished and I’ll have some stuff up there too.

So what do you do in film? I always thought that had I not been a musician I would have gone into some aspect of film making. Oddly enough, though, I’ve never seriously pursued composing for films and TV, though I wouldn’t turn down the right gig if it came down the pike.


any song from radiohead’s newest, In Rainbows


Long and short of it was I ran my own small neighborhood video store, until a nameless large chain moved in took over and we went out business, a few years passed I moved around the country and now I work for the company that put us out of business, not really suited for corporate life but it pays the bill’s and now I get to go into the mountains every month or so, my version of paradise on earth.


You can listen to it off her MySpace page here (as well as 3 others):
I’m actually more partial to her “My Moon My Man”.


Mine for October 19 2007
Blackie and rodeo Kings “Stoned”


I had several today:

Harry Partch: Barstow; And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma
Henry Cowell: The Banshee; The Aeolian Harp
Edgard Varese: Hyperprism
John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes
Conlon Nancarrow: Study 3 for Player Piano

(I should probably mention that I teach a class with required listening for each meeting and that today was a class day. heh-heh)


Recommend? I can point you to the D/L: Obey the Moderator (MP3)


Colin Hay: Overkill
Nat King Cole: Just one of those things
Ellis Paul: Sweet mistakes
The Cure: Just like heaven