The Dagger and Coin Series by Daniel Abraham

So, I am just finishing the second book of this series (The Kings Blood) and am really enjoying it. Had trouble warming up to the first book, The Dragon’s Path but I have to say, this is unlike any fantasy series I have read before. Lots of interesting stuff in there, and some nice character development and changes. Notably absent is the heavy violence and battles of many in this genre. BUT, he still weaves a compelling character based tale. Just wondering if anyone else has read this and wants to weigh in. I have a few questions and observations to contribute if any are willing to geek out on this. Thanks,


Found a good synopsis:

Set in an ancient world long since ruled by dragons, the 13 dragon-made races of humans continue on with civilization. Cithrin, a half-Cinnae ward of the Medean bank, grows up with numbers and sums as her nursery rhymes and ledger books as her dolls. Marcus Wester, well known for his military achievements and his ability to instill loyalty in his soldiers, now leads a quieter life with his trusted friend, the Tralgu Yardem. Dawson, an honorable man in his own eyes and according to a certain code, needs everyone in their proper places in society, and will go to great lengths to maintain that order. Geder, a tentative and secretive scholar, unfortunately is part of the military, and also the butt of all his friends’ jokes. All these people will find themselves at the center of big changes that will affect not just their city or country, but the entire continent.

“In the thousand years since its foundation, the city had never been taken by force, though twice it had been seduced.”
― Daniel Abraham, The Dragon’s Path

“I choose not to believe in any gods as an act of charity,” Marcus said. “Charity toward whom?” “Toward the gods. Seems rude to think they couldn’t make a world better than this,”
― Daniel Abraham, The Dragon’s Path


Trying to land on a favorite character in this one. Certainly Yardem is in the top three, even thought he is a minor player. Trying to figure out what he looks like. There is no fan art out there for this. Does he look more like a lion or a dog? Facial description say he has “dog’ like ears” but still hard to picture him. Cithrin is of course a favorite, and Geder was a favorite, now…not as much… Really enjoying this series. If I find some decent fan art I’ll post it.


Ok so this series has gone from great to awesome with the end of the third book.
Marcus and Kit just woke up a dragon from
The age of dragon emperors. Completely awesome! Marcus and master kit
need a buddy movie, they are a great team. Really enjoying
This “other series” by Dan Abraham. Would easily
merit a tv series of its own, hbo are you listening ?