The Atlantis Gene (Trilogy)


Just started reading The Atlantis Gene, by A.G. Riddle (2013)

It’s a techno-thriller. Kinda SciFi.

“The book tells the story of a massive global conspiracy surrounding the true history of our human origins: a history closely guarded by a secret organization known as the Immari, and now on the verge of being exposed as our species unknowingly races toward extinction. Only two people — a gifted geneticist named Kate Warner, and a tough counterterrorism agent named David Vale — have the power to uncover the truth and save the human race.”

So far, liking it. Very interesting.


The Atlantis Gene (Book 1)

Whoa, this is definitely scifi.
And this is really good. It’s fast-paced, with an intricate plot.
I’m really liking it.


The Atlantis Gene (Book 1)

Finished this. Very good.
Looking forward to the next one,
The Atlantis Plague (Book 2).


The Atlantis Plague (Book 2)

This one hits the ground running.


The Atlantis Plague (Book 2)

Book 2 is fast-paced, with a deeper plot development.
This is pretty damn good.
Nice to read some good scifi.


The Atlantis Plague (Book 2)

Thrilled with this series. Just finished book 2.
Nice plot twists and surprises. Gonna jump into Book 3 right away.
Anybody reading or care - try this, I think you’ll like it.


The Atlantis World (Book 3)

Again, the next installment hits the ground running.
A nice balance between hard scifi, history and adventure.


The Atlantis World (Book 3)

Just finished book 3.
Pretty good. I enjoyed this series.
There was a mad flurry to tie up all the loose ends.
And I’m appreciative that the author did just that.

Not the best writing. Sometimes the characters were thin.
I guess I was more interested in the story,
and I was forgiving in other areas.

Good read, I enjoyed it.