That 70s Galactica

There are obvious parallels between two greatest TV shows of all times. Well… i’ll let the photos do the talking…

Foot in your sorry Barb

Smart sorry Barb

Dumb sorry Barbs


There’s probably more… but it’s hard finding pictures so… I conclude, Battlestar Galactica Reimagined Series is just That 70s’ Show in Space.

Just one more

Public Property

That’s… uncanny.

Also, disturbing.

Hansioux, that’s awesome. I love love love That 70s show, so yeah.

Though the Athena/Helo = Jackie/Kelso is really very very disturbing. Especially since you have Hyde as the Chief… Athena and Chief?? Are we saying Helo gets around, because that would make some Arm Porn fans very very happy… :wink:

Fez? Donna? Kitty Forman? Though ew to Laurie being Ellen and Red being Tigh, though seriously, I can totally see Tigh threatening to insert his foot in someone’s (sorry Barb!)


Okay so now they must and by must i mean legally obligated to film a scene with them all taking Camalla (Sp?) in the basement of some ship.

They could call helo an idiot,

and billy’s dead but still… much fun could be made of him

and they could call Ellen a whore, (which is mean i agree but still funny)

and the Tyroll well he could tell the story how flipped off Adama/the man and even after they discovered he was a robot he was free to do as he wanted.

and Leo could be Leo (god bless the Chong)

I smell a fanfiction

I think Gaeta would fit the Fez role. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say he’s probably a better fit (so to speak) for Buddy. :smiley:


Ha, ha, ha

That made my sides hurt.

oh mine! that is dead on XD

and yes, Nickname Boomer is right, they should totally have a Galactica “circle”, not the one where they sit and judge who should die, but just sit around and have a “good time”.

Fanfic? Heck, work in a wildly implausible natural disaster and Skiffy could make a BSG movie for air.

That’d make Cally Pam Macey? wait, who did Hyde cheated with? The stripper girl?

It depends which time we’re talking about. He cheated on Jackie with that nurse from Kitty’s nursing convention when he was stupidly jealous about Kelso, but he drunkenly married the stripper girl… so, take your pick :wink:

Yes, I’ve spent perhaps too much time watching That 70’s Show. whatever.

it’s only like the best sitcom ever.

like anyone could even know that! :slight_smile:

i think scrubs or arrested development or mork & mindy were ‘the best’ :slight_smile:

Umm, arrested development. The unsitcom

ROFL!!! NOw THATS funny!!