Thanks To GWC

Hello… I am new to the forum only been a member for a month maybe… Haven’t posted anything yet but just had to in here. Thank you Chuck Sean and Audra I have become a huge firefly fan… I am not sure why I missed this the first time around but I did… Since listening to the podcast for almost 5 months straight in my free time none stop, I’m tying to catch up from just that the start of the Trek movie ark. Since They almost always have a firefly reference in each episode I decided hey check it out… Well I loved it and have since bought a copy of the series on both DVD and Blueray… Also picked me up Serenity on Both DVD and Blueray… Also trying hard to find me a browncoat like Mal’s… Thank you so much for leading me to this great show that sadly ended before its time…

Welcome to GWC! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard. The posts are a little old, but last time we talked about finding brown coats, here’s what we came up with:

New Browncoats are always welcome in these parts, or any other part of the 'verse.

Sit back, relax and make yourself comfortable. Although Firefly may be over there are new worlds to discover here.

Welcome to the Forum.

Welcome aboard. GWC is great for sussing out what’s worth watching. I had dismissed Chuck based on the concept, but when the hive kept going on about how good it was I gave it a chance. Now it’s one of my favorite shows.

Thanks for the info. I can’t go a day with out watching an episode or part of the movie. Anyone have info on EU stuff for Firefly. And thanks for all the welcomes I feel right at home here.

For some good EU stuff - the comics are not half bad. Shepard Book one is coming out fairly soon in fact

Oh I know and I will be standing in line to get one. I so want to know his past. If all the assumptions we have of him are true or not.