Thank You Chuck, Audra and Sean

GWC Meetup number three has come and gone, and once again I’m back home with wonderful memories of my GWC friends and family.

This year’s gathering was pretty exceptional in that at least half of the 40 or so attendees were first-timers! And it was truly International. We had Alpacas from Canada, from Ireland, from Sweden! While my old friends and I met and hugged and laughed with the great relief of finally seeing each other again, I watched with a smile…the newcomers.

Seeing a friend from the forum who had talked of coming, had been nervous, unable to attend till now, unsure, to whom I and others had said “Just do it!”…seeing that person there in Texas, thrilled at the leap of faith they’d taken, one I and many others had taken years before…seeing them realize what a Meetup was all about, watching them talk with the Crue, be accepted by all, seeing that initial reserve and nervousness disappear almost instantly, made this Meetup really special to me.

Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without the tremendous atmosphere of intelligence, fun, fairplay, and acceptance that the GWC Crue has fostered over these past years. For three years now Chuck, Audra and Sean have hosted a herd of (sometimes :D) barely containable geeks on their home turf, their favorite places, hell, literally their homes! I can only hope that the Crue appreciates how much we appreciate them.

So to the GWC Crue, I say thank you for all you’ve done to bring us all together. For your time and your efforts. I know it’s not always easy. Rarely, even.

But it’s what you do.

Thank you.

I had a great time. Thank you all who made that possible. It is seldom easy being the foreigner, both in the language and group sense, but it was easy this weekend. The GWC group was friendly and welcoming.

It was a leap of faith to come to the meetup, but I would have been surprised if it would have turned out differently. The good-natured atmosphere is evident in the podcast and on the forum. Thank you to the GWC core for creating this nerd haven.

I will certainly try to come next year as well. And maybe then, I will be one of the werewolves.

Hugs and firm handshakes all around

can I also add my heartfelt gratitude for the welcome I received.
I too was nervous about coming, not knowing anyone etc.
I’m already planning next years trip, I have friends in so many parts of the states it’s more difficult to decide whom not to visit while i’m in this country.
on the “flying out of new hampshire in less than 22 hours alas back to real life … sob” ID