So I haven’t caught the latest cast, but i was hearing something re: tattoos. I am SO down for getting one down there, even mentioned it on twitter and Skype a few times.

With all that in mind, here it is. Post up here if you are down to get some eternal Ink during the meetup.

  1. Xer01 will be getting the GWC galaxy logo with “GWC” and “Xer01” below it.

Sound off ladies and Gents.

Ok, I will either be getting a Wonder woman logo or the pentagram tat from Supernatural.

I have no tattoos, I want to get the BSG Phoenix minus the circle. Already got it drawn and everything.

Count me ink.

I see what you did there.

I am so up for new ink or atleast vetting wonder woman recolored

we got 6 so far, 8 if you count beef and sean. thats a pretty good group.

You know I’m in.

so thats 9…
I called up the shop, and talked to a very nice gentlemen there who said “Sean is in charge of appointments, so talk to him”

I basically just dropped sean an e-mail saying “count me in and gimme a time sir” if you are interested, i would recommend doing the same.

he also said something VERY interesting… but it might be a spoiler, so i shall reveal nothing!

Hey, I’ve been procrastinating to get mine, since it’s basically the same design as yours can you count me in. I’ll send Sean a note :slight_smile:

Drop me ur e-mail and ill send you my half-baked photoshoped design… it looks like this

seemed the appropriate place to put this Q even though the meetup is over.

Prior to the meet up I’d never considered getting ink, however having seen some of the true awesomeness of the tats obtained by everyone, I Was pondering getting a B5 logo (not GWC I know but I’m a B5 nut) preferebly the standard B5 logo in colour, I figure it’d probzbly take two sessions, one for the initial black outline inking and one for the fill-in.

was what I was pondering.
any thoughts?

Yep, you could do it in two sessions but depending on how big it was you could do the whole thing in one shot. I might recommend doing it that way just because you won’t want to go back so fast after having it hurt, be on fire for a while, itch and peel… then not be done.

Just my two-cents though :slight_smile:

Thank you Sean I appreciate your input on this, being a Tatoo Virgin I’m not sure how it’d feel so would like to limit the pain aspect of things.

I may go with the shield with sword through it instead I fancied just having B5 rather than the full Babylon 5 bit.

Anyone ele who got tatted for the first time at the meet up who would like to discuss effects, pain levels, aftercare etc feel free to PM me.
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On the pain level let’s jut say it’s not like being lick by kitten but if you are really into your design it totally worth the moment of pain. You will forget the moment of pain and enjoy it every time you will look at it.
Only 1 big advice : choose your design wisely :wink:

Yeah, but you don’t have to go back the next week. I’ve known folks to space these things out over months.

I guess the question is: do you tease the bandage off, or just tear it off all at once?

this is actually more like what I want, but I’d like to modify it, so it says B5 within the shield rather than the babylon outside it.

looks pleadingly at sean could you maybe mock up something like what i mean, compress the word Babylon in to a B and put it beside the 5 within the shield, so it says B5 with the same background?
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Did anyone else notice that the GWC tat looks a lot like Meatwad from ATHF?

ETA: change meatball (oops) to Meatwad.

Welcome to the forum Shi! Umm…what is ATHF?

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

And welcome, Shi.