Tattoo Details

Greetings GWC International Meetup Goers,

Ok, lets get this tattoo meetup stuff underway here.

The GWC Tattoo Experiance (That’s what I’m calling it now, JK :wink: ) will be going down at the upscale tattoo shop ‘Ink Lab’ in dallas on 03.19.11.

You can find out all about Ink Lab here:

We will be departing around 8am Saturday morning for the shop so if you are going be assembled in the Aloft lobby at that time.

We will have the entire place to ourselves and be getting some ink done there that morning (this we know) What you might need now is what’s known as the nitty-gritty.

  • It’s reservation only with a total of 9 people (i called this morning to check the total limit) so hit me up if you want to go. or PM me on the forum OR reply on this thread! Which might be easier :wink:

  • Ink Lab is cash only some bring the required amount

  • To find out what the required amount is send me what you’d like to do and how large you want it (in inches or location i.e ‘on my ankle’) to be and I will forward it on for a quote.

  • RSVP with me before Monday 02.28.11 if this is something you are interested in.

  • If you’d like me to design you something or clean up something you did yourself just send it to me and let me know.

  • Sorry no spectators, there’s not much extra room for them with a group this size.

Thus far here is the group that is going for sure:

Me (of course)
Xero 1 The board Lurker
Default Prophet

If we’re on the for sure do we still have to rsvp?

I think you’re safe sir :wink:

Woot woot!

Very, very tempting, but I’m not sure my shoulder is ready for a tattoo quite yet and I also don’t want to miss out on the culture expedition that Audra is having since I love the Arts District. ;(


Can. Not. Wait. its gonna be EPIC!

It’s so early and I’m gonna be so hungover.

agreed… u kno ull have a parnter in “hungova” crime… it will be epic, and so it shall be written…" IN INK" :smiley:

More than one! Do you honestly think Xer01 and I won’t be hung over?

I will be staggering, but the pain will help to sober. and then afterwards… THERE. SHALL. BE. SHOTS!

Since I will most likely be “kidless” all of Sat. there shall be shots indeed my homies!


Motherfrak, yes!

Can’t wait to hang with you dawg!

Question: Is it possible to get fake GWC logo tattoos from Zazzle for those of us that are too chicken and/or broke and/or unable to go to the meetup? :groucho:

No idea but I will look :slight_smile:

Also to all those getting tattoo’s, bring two hours worth of cash ($150) just to be on the safe side. Except beef who is getting a very small tat.

Am I good design wise submitted to the parlor?

Yep, you were getting the phoenix looking emblem right?



That would be awesome. I would totally rock it like a Jaffa at the next meetup.:smiley: