Syfy's 'Defiance' Canceled After Three Seasons


THR: Syfy’s ‘Defiance’ Canceled After Three Seasons 10/16

Deadline: ‘Defiance’ Canceled By Syfy After 3 Seasons 10/16

Along with so many very best things, some of Bear’s very best music was poured into this show, lock, stock, heart and soul. R.I.P. Defiance. Love you cast. Frak you Syfy. So Say We All. Here, Paula Yoo, Defiance supervising producer and staff writer, plays the main theme.




Polygon: Syfy cancels Defiance TV show, but game ‘will continue exactly as before,’ says Trion

Relative to PC and mobile, XBox 360/PS3 still do not offer a great many Free To Play titles, so Defiance remains a big fish in that small pond. YouTube is seeing as many Let’s Play Defiance videos at the moment than it ever has. There’s a big community push to ‘next gen’ defiance’s engine for Xbox One/PS4/and especially PC. XBox 360 games will be running on Windows 10 and DirectX 12 in the future and, just maybe, PC Defiance already has the largest player base of all the platforms. Trion has stated they ‘want to’ upgrade the engine without making any commitments.


A shame…but I don’t know where they could have possibly gone with how Season 3 ended…it did seem like a proper farewell to an excellent show that almost lost me in the season 3 premiere, glad I stuck it out…was one hell of a ride :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear Defiance was cancelled. I too was wondering what could be next after the season 3 finale.
It was good while it lasted.


Agreed, but at least it had an ending of sorts…the Earth seems united, Nolan gets to play “Dr Who Light” randomly traveling the cosmos in his new space toy (though what in the hell will they have to eat and drink on that ship?)…everyone’s stories got completed…and for that show those were as happy of endings as possible

The only way they coulda done a season 4 would have been to pull a Kara Thrace with Nolan and have the ship re-appear outta nowhere

I wish we coulda had a prequel season to see what happened when the Votans arrived and the impending war after…


Well said. Totally agree.
One thing that always upset me, was the ruining of the earth due to the terra-forming.
Yes, a prequel would have been good.


It made the show and was needed for the extra conflict with the Votans, and would be interesting to fully see what happened with it, even a prequel movie would be fascinating…but I doubt it… hell even BSG Blood N Chrome never got out of the movie phase… grumble