Syfy's Ascension

Syfy is doing a new miniseries called Ascension in November. Tricia Helfer stars in it. It seems like a while since Sci-Fi has done a mini I’ve been interested in, and this one looks like some actual Science Fiction!
For those unfamiliar, most of the Syfy (or Sci-Fi Channel) miniseries have been pretty good, or at least attempted to do something quality. Unlike their movie of the week efforts, which are cheese-tastic on purpose. I’m hoping they are back in form once again.

Thanks, Fenatic.
I just had a look at the trailers (very short).
Looks intriguing. Definitely on my calendar.

Alternate history in space is a really solid idea so I hope they have fun with it. Shout out to dearly departed Virtuality and Defying Gravity, two previous Enclosed Space(ship) type storylines. In terms of whodunnit and whydunnit, I hope Ascension proves way better than Helix, Syfy’s previously Enclosed (Arctic)Space effort, where all the murderin was downright arbritary and forgettable. I think it might well be because unlike the other efforts, this ship is crowded. Huge cast.

Here’s the newest :30 spot from last week. Punch bug Ryan Robbins @ :11 seconds. :smiley:


Thanks for the clip. I have high hopes.

Still mourning the premature demise of Defying Gravity. Engaging story, likable characters, good music. I just re-watched the series.

Dec 15, 2014
3-night event.

(How cool is that?)

Just watched more short clips on SyFy website.
I think this could be really good.


I just watched it…EPIC ENDING…I’ll leave it at that until anyone else says they saw it…

Ok I just watched this.
But what…?
So is Gault marooned on distant Alpha Centauri planet with no supplies?
Will Crista figure out she can “trans-morph” everyone to their destination?
Will the TC Group stop the project?
What becomes of Stokes?

Too many unanswered questions.
This was more like a pilot to a series.
The many unresolved points left me very annoyed.

I was just talking about that…I felt the ship reveal was a bit rushed…yeah the OH SHIT factor was cool…but it took me out of the world inside the ship for most of the rest of the mini-series (but was neccessary to explain the caretakers and “real world” people involved…I just question the timing…shame they couldn’t end the mini-series with it…

How come Gault was jumped and the guy he was fighting and was in direct contact with not taken also??? That bothers me…

I think the project goes on since the two people who wanted to stop it are both dead now…lies and cover-ups will keep it going

Poor Cirsta probably just thinks she’s insane…

Hopefully it gets a full season…or a follow-up series…it did throw a LOT at you in a small amount of time…also if you noticed in the credits for each episode the director credits were listed as “Episode 101, 102 and all the way through to 106”

It still has potential…and it was kinda cool to see Tricia Helfer jump in as Captain in a pinch like she did and save the day!

Yah, I wondered about the other guy also.
It just felt sloppy and rushed.

Yes, Crista probably does.

I really wanted to like this, and I am usually more than ready to forgive a lot of things, but this felt like there was a lot that was filmed, but just cut - there are holes all over the place. Too bad.

Yah, I hope so too.
And it was great to see her as acting-Captain!

Any word on how well the show did in the ratings and any chance we get more of it?? :slight_smile:

Haven’t looked into that. But yah, I wonder.

Check out Rating:

Check out these Reviews.




Mixed reviews…adequate ratings…not a good sign…blah…at least on the bright side, better shows have left me hanging over far worse endings…damn shame though…