SURPRISE FRAK - Zardoz - August 16th 10PM ET


Monday, 16 August 2010
10 PM Eastern - 7 PM Pacific
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“You have penetrated me. There is no escape. You are within me. Come into my center. Come into the center of the crystal!”


John Boorman’s previous film was ‘Deliverance’. Should add something interesting to this viewing.

John Boorman also directed ‘Excalibur’, which is a personal favorite of mine.


The exterior shots at the very opening of the movie were taken right next to director John Boorman’s house in Ireland.


BTW, this is available to watch online at Netflix.


Oh look! A Chorus. William Shakespeare would be proud.


The movie begins with a floating, disembodied head.

This bodes well. :eek:


“I’m invented to for your amusement and entertainment.”

I hadn’t noticed with that draw on mustache.


How am I behind already? Did you start at 10 or at :15 after?


According to John Boorman, Sean Connery found it incredibly difficult to get work when he abandoned the James Bond role a second time after Diamonds Are Forever (1971). Thus, Boorman was able to hire Connery very cheaply for this project.

That’s just wrong. Hollywood is a cruel mistress.



The opening has the floating head with the blue habit.


Zardoz is a floating stone head?


“The penis is evil.”

Um, I don’t like Zardoz.


The government initially refused to allow the production team to import the guns for the movie into Ireland because of terrorist attacks occurring at the time.


“The penis is evil.”

Oh my. That’s just not right.


Wow! Was this originally 3-D?

Connery just pointed the gun at the screen like a 3-D trick.


The penis-hating floating head vomits guns?

Just how much coke were they using when they made this movie? :eek:



Well done.


Could be an homage to beginning of Bond films.


Connery’s revolver is a Webley in 455 caliber.


John Boorman does love his classical scores.


Boobies!! Packed for freshness.