Supernatural 7x20 The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Friday, 27 April 2012
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Um, you and Sam were supposed to end, too. A few hundred times, in fact.

As evil plans go, it’s pretty elegant. :cool:

Felicia! How can you not love her?

I wonder if she’s evil. :eek:

“It means, the Eye of Sauron is upon me.”
"Well, if you need anything, I’ll be back in the Shire " :smiley:

Wouldn’t borax burn a bit?

“What are the chances I see everything on that drive, and Dick lets me live anyway?” :smiley:

“Way to go, Dumbledork.” :smiley:

This is hilarious. :smiley:

At least she probably won’t sleep with either of the Winchesters, so she might actually survive this. :rolleyes:

I miss the Impala. :frowning:

“Now who could have done that?” :cool:

Good thing they knew exactly what the suitcase was supposed to look like. :rolleyes:

“Nothing’s safe, if you poke at it long enough.” :cool:

That was all superhero-y! :cool:

“The really evil ones always need a special sword.”

Huh. She might have something there.

And she disappears, safe and alive. Yay!