Supernatural 7x14 Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie

Friday, 10 February 2012
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Big Moose, running for his life, from clowns. :smiley:

“So, we got dick on Dick.” :eyebrow:

“Octovamp? Vamptopus?” :smiley:

Closet monster! :eek:

Jared. Dude. The hair. Seriously.

Could anyone possibly believe that an FBI agent has shoulder-length hair?

Death by unicorn! :eek:

With rainbow farts! :eek:

“If it bleeds, you can kill it.”

Just because Schwarzenegger said it, doesn’t make it true. :slight_smile:

That unicorn was farting rainbows. huh huh, huh huh, uh huh huh.

How do you possibly walk into this place without a kid and not look like a pedophile?

Especially when you’re all twitchy like Sam. :eek:

LOL @ “the guy was a full-frontal douche-bag”. That’s comedy.

Ball pit. Very deadly. You go first.

Where can I get the wallpaper that’s in that motel!?!?!?

The ball pit (giggle) reminds me of the trash compactor scene in Star Wars. Needs more Leia tho.


“They think the ball washer did it.”
“The what?”
“The ball washer.”
“The what?”
“Ball washer.”
“The what…?” :smiley:

Now THAT is comedy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell yeah it is, I got NO problem with low-brow humor.

Why not a rakshasa? That’s what the clown was before.

Uhhh… What’s a rakshasa?

That kid looks like a young (and just as disturbing) Steve Buscemi.

Indian shapeshifter spirit.


I shall call him… Mini-Steve. :stuck_out_tongue: