Supernatural 7x11 Adventures in Babysitting

Friday, 6 January 2012
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

This dude is such a great Canadian character actor. Too bad he dies so often. :rolleyes:

Dean’s drinking beer without noticing? That’s a good sign. :eyebrow:

Sam’s hitting it off way too well with this girl. She’s gotta be a monster of some kind. Of course, she’s too young for him to have sex with, so maybe she’ll survive the episode. :slight_smile:

…unless she’s another satanic hallucination. I mean, no one’s had any contact with her but Sam.


Chronicle looks awesome. :cool:

I hope this guy isn’t replacing Bobby. He greatly annoys me. :frowning:

Unless the Death Star IS a field!!! :eek:

“Sally, run!”

Really, Sam? Just how dumb are you?

“…your brother’s the size of a car…” :smiley:

“This one’s about tapped oot.”

O, Canada! Our home and native land… :slight_smile:

Wow. He survived the episode.

Gangland buddy cops with Elliott Ness? Not sure how I feel about that. :eyebrow: