Supernatural 7x09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

It depends. Doe season is later or something. After they produce more deer babies, obviously. :slight_smile:

Well, that was disturbing. :eek:

That sandwich he ate stoned Dean…

“You gotta be damned hungry to eat a cat’s head.” :eek:

ok too much smacking lips, thats just rude.

Dean prolly should puke.

Dean is heartbroken after losing Cas. And Sam is jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sam is deep. That’ll send ppl to the bunk…

That’s not Edgar. It’s just a Leviathan wearing an Egger suit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Was Super 8 any good?

“Dick is coming.”

Oh my. :eyebrow:

Oh no! Watch out for Dick!!

“I’ve seen a lot of hunters live and die. You’re talking like one of those dead ones.”

In all fairness, Dean has already died about 150 times. :slight_smile:

I adore Bobby.

“I’ll be a squirrel in a skirt.”

I’m using that. :slight_smile:

Lol. Photoshop fail!

Worst. Photoshopping. Ever. :eek:

They’re fattening up their food animals! :eek:

Uh-oh, somebody’s about to get Dick-slapped! :eek:

Yes, this arc is gonna be like that isn’t it?