Supernatural 7x08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!

Friday, 11 November 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

That looks like an episode I wanna watch.

Hooray! Goodbye, fourth wall! :smiley:

She’s a harpy or something. I guarantee it.

That’s never a good sign. :eek:

Someone has to rein in Sam’s hair. I mean, really, dude, you’re hot. Why do you want to look like there’s a dead weasel on your head?


bwhahahahahaha! :smiley:

What season was Becky on?

Not to mention most of his hookups are monsters.

She’s popped up several times.

“We met in the erotic horror section…” :smiley:


Is Guy gay or in love with her?

Potion! Witch it is?

Gruesome! :eek:

But awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Camera splatter.

She said he was a Wiccan. That = witch.

it looks like it :slight_smile:

“…but I don’t need you anymore.”

Dean’s heart is breaking. :frowning:

Ouch Sam. Just ouch.